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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about Waves!

You miss information or have a question? Please get in touch with our contact person, so we can publish generally relevant answers for you and the community here.

What size should I order?

Our toe sandals are true to size and very similar to other toe sandals brands. This means that you should buy the shoe size you normally wear. If you fluctuate between two sizes, we recommend that you order one size larger.

Your toe sandals are environmentally friendly, but you get your goods from Sri Lanka, how can that be environmentally friendly?

Unfortunately, the cold winter conditions in Europe do not allow the cultivation of rubber, so it would not be possible to produce this product here.

Our products all come by sea freight and not by plane, which is very important to us. Each pair of us has a CO2 footprint of 4.7 g in connection with transportation.

Is rubber sustainable?

Natural rubber is a renewable material source. We work closely with plantations to ensure that the rubber is responsibly managed and sourced. In addition, our high standards ensure that wildlife and ecosystems are protected.

How are your Waves shipped?

All our products are shipped plastic-free. Furthermore, our packaging material is recycled.

Are your dyes environmentally friendly?

We use natural pigments to color our rubber sheets. The pigments we use are non-toxic and free of heavy metals. Furthermore, the dyes are vegan.

Where are your toe sandals made?

The heart of our company was founded in Sri Lanka. Our Waves are still produced in Sri Lanka.