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Support people and protect animals

We not only care about the environment, but also place ethical principles at the heart of our production processes. For this reason, we source all our natural rubber from sustainable rubber farms in Sri Lanka. In addition, you can be assured that every single Waves purchase supports the Sri Lankan rubber farming communities and enables them to create a sustainable and secure livelihood. After all, we at Waves believe that not only should the products feel good, but they should also support the people who make them.

Besides the environment, we also take the habitat of the animals seriously. It is important to us that our toe sandals not only protect the environment, but that all our footwear is also vegan. Because it is simply in our nature to be animal friendly.

We can proudly say that we only sell natural rubber toe sandals. By using 100% natural rubber with the seal of Fair Rubber certification, we can be sure that wild animals are also protected right back to the plantations.